Feb 13, 2009

Most new years resolutions have failed by this point.

By definition, a new habit doesn't fit in with the mindset and lifestyle you currently have. You care about more than the resolution. You're really asking for the new mindset that enables it.

When you make a change its implications ripple through your life. For it to take hold, the rest of your life must make room for it. Reorganize, repack. Resolutions are simplistic. They encourage us to focus on one aspect of life, and to ignore implications for the rest.

Don't fix the action too quickly. Don't fixate on individual resolutions. You have somewhere to get to, and you must change in myriad ways to get there. Change requires practice. Make it a habit, a constant process of improvement. Keep sketching [1,2]. Iterate. What's so special about January first anyway?

paraphrasing myself from two years ago after reading TJ

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